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Community Programmes

Samaritans are a range of people who believe in people, are emotionally resilient, and are ready to lend a listening ear to anyone in distress. Your providing of a safe space in a confidential and non-judgemental manner can be the difference between life and death, for someone who may have no one else to turn to.

With an increase seen in both the number of individuals in distress as well as those reaching out for support, the need for an inspired array of volunteers is crucial now more than ever. By joining us as a volunteer, you’ll be providing anonymous emotional support to anyone who may be in need of a listening ear – be it an elderly client suffering in isolation, a student struggling with school, or anyone facing a form of crisis.

Be A Samaritan (BAS) Programme

Suicide is a global issue faced by many communities around the world. In Singapore, there is an average of one suicide death PER DAY. The first national perception study on suicide published by SMU in 2022 found that fear, stigma and the lack of knowledge in suicide prevention result in one’s avoidance despite the desire to help. The ability to engage the suicidal person and provide emotional support is the first step to encourage further help seeking.

3 hours

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Mindful Bytes

Mindful Bytes is a programme designed to teach youths to engage in safe and constructive online conversations to support those at risk of suicide.

1-2 hours

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Psychological First Aid (PFA) + Be A Samaritan (BAS) Programme

The PFA+BAS Programme integrates the basic tenets of PFA and BAS, including Look, Listen and Link from PFA, with Alert, Approach and Assist from BAS, to provide learners with foundational knowledge on mental health and skills necessary to identify signs of stress and deliver psychological support in emergencies and everyday situations. Through interactive learning, case studies, and role-playing exercises, participants will be better equipped with the know-how to be an available lifeline to anyone in crisis.

8 hours

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Suicide Risk Assessment Workshop

Global and local studies suggested that the “majority of individuals with suicidal ideation do not go on to make suicide attempts”. Before we get overwhelmed by the existence of suicidal thoughts, it is helpful to further assess the suicide risk and offer relevant support. This is an especially important skill for personnel who are in contact with at-risk individuals due to their roles or job functions.

4 hours


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