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Be A Samaritan (BAS) Programme


Suicide is a global issue faced by many communities around the world. In Singapore, there is an average of one suicide death PER DAY. The first national perception study on suicide published by SMU found that fear, stigma and the lack of knowledge in suicide prevention result in one’s avoidance despite the desire to help. The ability to engage the suicidal person and provide emotional support is the first step to encourage further help seeking.

In this programme, you will learn to identify individuals who may be in distress, and will be equipped with basic techniques to engage them in an empathetic and professional manner, and to encourage them to seek help. This knowledge and skill-based programme will encourage the ‘Samaritans’ to be more confident and better equipped with the know-how to be an available lifeline to anyone in crisis.

Target Audience

Corporates or Frontliners e.g. schools, security, customer service, hospitality, grassroots, faith communities

3 hours
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Part 1: Suicide Prevention 101 Workshop
(e-learning basic knowledge-based workshop)

In this 1-hour asynchronous e-learning, you will learn the basic knowledge of suicide prevention and how to better support your loved ones who are facing a crisis. Through this, we aim to help widen the safety net for those who have suicidal ideations by rallying the community to be first responders to those who need help.

Learning Outcomes

1. Articulate local statistics and the impact of suicide
2. Identify facts and myths about suicide
3. Identify suicide warning signs
4. Explain the suicidal mind
5. Articulate the 3A approach in responding to someone suicidal

Part 2: #HowRU Workshop
(online/onsite skill-base workshop)

This 2-hr workshop is the second part of this programme, which aims to equip participants with the practical skills of first-responding using the ‘3A approach’. In the 3A approach, you will learn how to be alert to suicide distress, approach the suicidal person with empathy to inquire about the suicide thoughts, and assist by referring the suicidal person to helpful community resources.

A certificate will also be issued upon the completion of this programme.

Learning Outcomes

1. Demonstrate the 3A approach in responding to someone suicidal
2. Identify suicide distress (Alert)
3. Use empathy and suicide question when approaching someone in suicide distress (Approach)
4. Match community resources or help available for person-in-distress (Assist)

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