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Professional Training

Providing Emotional Support to Persons with
Potential Suicidality (WSQ) (intermediate level)


The ability to engage the suicidal person and provide emotional support is the first step to encourage further help seeking. This 2-day (WSQ) course is designed to equip the caregivers and members of the general public with essential knowledge and skills to respond and intervene when encountering someone with potential suicidality. This includes navigating difficult conversations and emotions through structured framework and techniques. Learners who completed training and assessment will receive WSQ certification.

Target Audience

Members of the general public, para-counsellor, volunteers or caregivers whom in the course of their work or personal life find themselves navigating the topic of suicide or emotional distress.

Note: Block bookings by Agencies or Entities can be arranged separately. Min. 15 and max. of 20 pax to start class

20 hours

Scheduled Run Dates (Public)

6 & 13 June 2023 9am – 4pm
5 & 12 July 2023 9am – 4pm
28 Oct & 4 Nov 2023 9am – 4pm
28 & 29 Nov 2023 9am – 4pm
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Do note that fees are strictly non-refundable once payment has been made. To view the full terms and conditions of our training programmes, please click here.

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Duration (20 hours)

Self-paced e-learning: 7.0 hour
Facilitated Classroom learning (in-person): 12 hours (2 full-day or 4 half-day)
Assessment (Written and Role Play): 1.0 hour

*Written Assessment will be conducted on the same day as the last day of Classroom
learning. Role Play Assessment will be conducted one-to-one with
Assessor over Zoom on a separate date, typically 1-2 weeks after Classroom learning.

Nett Fee (after SSG-funding) $300*
Course Fee (before SSG-funding) $1,000
* Singaporeans aged 40 & above may receive further subsidy

Learning Outcomes

1. Recognize how our attitude towards suicide affects the communication process with a potentially suicidal person
2. Apply empathy, active listening skills and questioning techniques when engaging a potentially suicidal person
3. Apply a structured framework to engage and provide further support for potentially suicidal person
4. Apply code of ethics when engaging a suicidal person

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