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SOS Suicide Prevention Symposium

With 476 reported suicides last year, the highest since 2000, it is apparent that the urgency of this issue extends nationwide, and it cannot be tackled by SOS alone. A collective effort from the community is essential to work towards a zero-suicide community and to provide support for those affected by such a loss.

To initiate these conversations and commemorate our 55th anniversary, SOS is hosting a symposium titled, ‘Sonder: Complexities of Suicide’. This one-day event aims to delve into the intricate layers surrounding suicide, going beyond mere statistics to understand the unique stories and struggles of individuals. Embracing the concept of ‘sonder’, the symposium places a focus on the profound nature of each person’s experiences and explores how they can empower and support others in distress.

Join thought leaders and experts in the suicide prevention and mental health space as they share actionable insights and tools based on their research and experience.

Your voice matters! Help shape the conversation by telling us the topics you want to hear about. Fill out our interest form here:

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