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September 2020


SOS hopes to unite the community toward a common goal – to foster empathy and provide proactive encouragement to those in our midst.

In conjunction with suicide prevention awareness month, the SOS inaugural #HOWRU Virtual Walkathon will be held between 13 and 20 September 2020. This event serves as a platform for SOS to bring together the community to share a voice toward suicide prevention.

In a community survey that was conducted by SOS earlier this year, 34% of respondents reported that they will not turn to anyone should they feel emotionally overwhelmed. One of the main barriers cited by respondents was the fear of disappointing others. On the contrary, respondents who wish to support others harbour fears of the possibility that their involvement might make matters worse.

While the intention to support someone in distress may be present, the hesitation to make the first step to express our concern may often lead to the impression among those who are struggling that “I am alone on this journey”. With the aim to encourage the community to give hope to individuals who may be walking alone in their mental struggles, the #HOWRU Virtual Walkathon focuses on the message – we are not meant to journey alone.

Despite the current Covid-19 situation, we plan to bring together people from all over Singapore virtually to commemorate suicide prevention awareness month. President Halimah Yacob will be the Guest of Honour, while Mr Lawrence Wong will be the host during the opening ceremony on 13 September 2020.

Other event ambassadors include Minister for National Development Desmond Lee, Speaker Tan Chuan-Jin, Central CDC Mayor Denise Phua, Power 98 Love Songs DJ Kimberly Ann Tan, Mediacorp artistes Chen Yi Xi and Chantalle Ng.

Gasper Tan, chief executive of SOS commented “we often downplay the significance of our presence in someone else’s life. We can potentially change someone’s life by expressing our concern and desire to be on this journey with them – regardless of how tough it may be”.

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