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A crisis can hit anyone at any time. The sense of hopelessness and despair at the height of a crisis can cause people to contemplate suicide as a way to escape their emotional pain.

However, people can and do recover from this difficult period, especially when there is strong support from the people around them. Some people may also need professional support to help them through a crisis.

If YOU are in some form of crisis or feeling suicidal, then contact someone and let them know about it.

If someone you know is going through a hard time, do know that you are already helping just by being there for the person! Find out more about helping someone in crisis.

News Flash

Family relationship issues among most common problems faced by suicidal youths

A total of 422 people died by suicide in Singapore in 2013. This represents a 10% decrease from 467 suicides registered in 2012. The national suicide rate went down from 10.27 per 100,000 resident population in 2012 to 9.29 in 2013. In the last ten years, the total number of suicides averaged at 395 while the suicide rate averaged at 9.28.

Suicide among youths aged below 30 accounted for nearly a quarter (24%) of all suicides in 2013. Youth suicide averaged at 20% in the past ten years. Suicide is tragic, and for the youths who died by suicide, it is a disturbing indicator of the level of distress they were experiencing.

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Care & Share

SOS is thankful to be qualified for the Government’s Care & Share Movement, a fund-raising initiative for selected VWO. From now until 31 December 2014, the government will give us $1 for every $1 donated to SOS. Read more


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