Sound of Listening

Every day, the SOS 24-hour hotline receives 100-120 calls on average. Callers come from all walks of life and talk about anything that's on their mind. In a year, that's more than 24,000 hours of listening done by our pool of almost 200 trained volunteers.

If there's anyone who knows listening, it's us - and we've adapted it in to practical skills you can use when talking to literally anyone. 

In this workshop, you will:

Learn how to identify what active listening is,

Understand the connecting power of using empathy,

Practice empathetic listening,

Responding to individuals who are facing crisis,

Identifying and applying enabling skills and steps in PADI model.

Registration for this workshop is now open.  

For class on 19 May 2022, please register here.

For the class on 31 August 2022, please register here.

For the class on 20 October 2022, please register here.

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