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Do I Matter? A Journey to Building Your Self-Esteem

Wong Lai Chun | Published: September 2019
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Do I Matter? is a journey towards understanding the self-esteem a person possesses and how it builds a foundation for resilience.

This book aims to help its readers understand the factors that influence one’s self-esteem and what can be done to reframe it—ultimately to develop acceptance and love for oneself regardless of challenges or crisis in life.

Produced for the Samaritans of Singapore (SOS), this book contains some helpful exercises.

"Do I Matter? teaches how to take very good care of ourselves and each other in a manner that is easy to understand and apply." — Ron Kaufman, motivational speaker and New York Times bestselling author of Uplifting Service.

About the Author:
Lai Chun was a Senior Assistant Director at SOS.

Why? When Both My Parents Took Their Lives

Yin | Published: August 2008
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When she was only seven, Yin's mother took her own life. Forty years later, her father jumped to his death. This is the story of how she survived her parents' suicides. 

“When someone dear to us dies through suicide, we are left with the agonising ordeal of having to survive the heart-rending loss. It traumatises us and leaves us with a profound struggle to make sense of the suicide and learn to live again. This first-hand narration promises not only to enlighten, but also serves as a balm for those working through their own loss and grief.”— from the foreword by Anthony Yeo 

About the Author:
Yin, now in her fifties, was a physiotherapist before becoming a homemaker. She is married with three children.

Letters to Aly: Surviving My BFF's Suicide

Lee-Ann | Published: September 2013
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Alyessa jumps to her death two days after her 16th birthday. Her best friend Lee-Ann blames the tragedy on her failure to answer Aly’s last phone call. Haunted by what-ifs, stressed out by the looming ‘O’ Levels, and troubled by fraught relationships with her parents and on-off boyfriend Nate, Lee-Ann begins to contemplate suicide too.

“A first-hand account of an adolescent's life, Lee-Ann's book brings the reader through her journey of unfortunate events until she learns to find hope...the young author's literary creation remains an avenue of comfort and awareness that is easily relatable to her fellow audience.”
—Katherine Arteche, Time Out Singapore

About the Author:
Lee-Ann went on to finish junior college and university. She is now in her mid-twenties.

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