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World Suicide Prevention Day 2020

Silence has never made anyone stronger. Let's talk.

In 2019, Singapore recorded 400 suicide deaths.
And for every 3 suicides, 2 were by males. These numbers are not only alarming but point to an underlying societal issue.

On 6 September 2020, Suicide Prevention Week, we launched a campaign that addresses an age-old stereotype - “Men don’t cry”.
For decades, boys have been told they should never be caught shedding a tear or to appear incapable of handling their own problems. 
Men who showed the slightest signs of weakness are quickly met with judgment and prejudice, creating a psychological barrier that prevents them from seeking help.

Launched on 6th September 2020, the campaign marks the start of Suicide Prevention Awareness Week.

The two-part film aims to break down the societal stigma and highlight the importance of both reaching out and seeking help – regardless of gender.
Throughout the week, the campaign invited the community to show their support through social channels via SOS’s community hashtag - #HopeThroughTheNight.

Through awareness and support amongst the community, we encourage anyone who is in distress to reach out and seek help. Because #SuicideSeesNoGender.

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