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Checking in can make all the difference.

HOW ARE YOU TODAY? is a collaboration by Samaritans of Singapore and The Mindful Company that aims to encourage life-changing conversations and raise awareness about the importance of checking in with someone having a rough time.

1. Prep

- In the right headspace? Ask yourself: Am I prepared to genuinely listen? Do I accept that they may not want to talk? It's OK if you're not ready. Think of someone else who could help. No moment is "Perfect"; just find a comfortable time and relatively private place.

2. Ask "How are you today?"

- Cool fact: This helps someone focus on just one day so things seem less overwhelming to talk about.

3. Don't force someone to talk if they don't want to

- Instead, say, "I'm here for you if you want to chat. I won't judge." Gently check in another time.

4. Make them feel heard

- Acknowledge that things seem tough

- Accept their feelings without judgement (even if you don't understand)

- Don't interrupt or give advice (unless they ask for it)

- Make eye contact and nod (it reduces stress)

- Ask questions gently (use "what" and "how" rather than "why")

- Repeat what you've heard and ask, "Is that what you mean?"

- Avoid silver linings like "everything happens for a reason"

5. Encourage action

- "What helped you feel better in such situations before?"

- "You're not alone in this. How can I help?"

6. Check in

- It can be scary opening up to someone. Reassure them by saying, "I've been thinking of you. How've you been since we last chatted?"

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