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Overview of SOS' Board of Management
SOS is governed by a Board of Management (the “Board”) which comprises elected and co-opted members. The Board’s role is to provide strategic direction and oversight of SOS’s programmes and objectives and to steer the charity towards fulfilling its vision and mission through good governance. The key roles of the Boards are:  Formulate policies to govern and manage the activities of the Society; • Initiate, determine and develop policies and form relevant committees to carry out relevant projects and programmes of the Society;  • Approve budget for the financial year and monitor expenditure against budget; and  • Responsible for the preparation and fair presentation of the financial statements of the Society.  

Appointment of the Board
The Board is supported by the Governance and Nominating Committee in overseeing the recommendation and nomination of candidates for elections or appointment to the Board and Committees. Under its constitution, the Board shall consist of not more than 12 members, of which 8 members shall be elected at alternate Annual General Meeting (“AGM”) and 4 shall be co-opted members.

At the end of the financial year, the Board had 7 elected and 4 co-opted members. All Board members are volunteers and are not remunerated. New Board and Committee members are required to go through an on boarding program. The Society supports new and existing members for relevant training/briefings.  

Term of Office
Under its Constitution, the term of office of the Board is 2 years. All Board members shall serve not more than 3 consecutive terms, while the Honorary Treasurer shall serve for not more than 2 consecutive terms. After the lapse of a term, ex-Board members are eligible to offer themselves for re-election. The tenure of co-opted members is the same as elected members. As at end of the financial year, no member has served more than 10 consecutive years.  During the year, 2 new members were elected at the AGM held on July 2021 and 1 new member was co-opted in September 2021.

Board’s Performance and Evaluation
The Board conducts an annual self-evaluation to assess its effectiveness and to drive improvements. The evaluation covers board composition, organisation culture, mission and strategic direction, programme oversight, financial oversight, funding, public image, organisation performance and impact. Individual board members are also provided opportunities on an annual basis to reflect on their contributions and provide feedback on future roles, training and improvement areas. The findings and recommendations are discussed at subsequent meetings.  

Roles of Board Members can be found in the SOS constitution

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