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Why Volunteer

"It is a privilege to be a volunteer at SOS and an honour to serve both clients and SOS. Volunteering at SOS has been so rewarding and meaningful!"
– Male volunteer in his 30s

"I’ve gained from being a Samaritan. For a start, I’m a better listener and am more patient." – Female volunteer in her 60s

"I am very surprised that in such a small country like Singapore, there is this 24/7 hotline for me to talk with someone by a group of volunteers who are willing to share their listening ears and caring for people. Hence, it gives a hope for people who are feeling distressed." – SOS Caller

Volunteering is about giving your time, skills and commitment, out of your own free will, to a meaningful cause without expectation of any financial reward.

In Singapore, 1 person dies from suicide every day. SOS runs a 24-hour crisis intervention and suicide prevention hotline which is operated by trained volunteers from diverse backgrounds. SOS receives more than 100 calls a day. There are probably many more callers who are unable to get through our hotline. The number of calls we receive is limited by the number of volunteers available to answer those calls. We wonder how many more individuals who are in crisis or contemplating suicide give up while trying to reach us.

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